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Taxis are easy to find around Aruba! 

All Taxis will have a TX on their license plates

Bring cash (USD is ok) for taxis, most do not accept credit cards

Pro Tip:

If you are there during High-Season (Late Dec-April), plan ahead and be prepared to wait 30 mins-1 hour for a taxi on a busy night.  During off peak season, waits are more reasonable, around 5-15 mins depending.

Fares are set by the government in Aruba and are based on areas.  For example, Airport to Palm Beach.  Palm beach to Eagle beach, etc.  Here is the most updated list of fares

If you aren't renting a car, the easiest way to get to your hotel from the airport is via Taxi.  When exiting the airport, head to your left and there will be a line for Taxis


Taxis will be easily accessible at your hotel, if not, they can call one for you.  They will do this even if you aren't a hotel guest

Take a picture of the license plate should you leave anything in the Taxi!  Then makes it a LOT easier to find:) 


There is a $3.00 surcharge on Sundays and every night between 11pm and 7am

They may charge more for excessive luggage, but a suitcase and carry on per person is fine

If you go out to eat and need a Taxi back, just ask the restaurant to call one for you

There is a large taxi stand in Palm Beach right on the corner by Gianni's, Azia and Daniel's

If calling for a taxi from the beach, you CANNOT be wet.  They will not let you in their car.  Bring a dry change of clothes.

If you are staying at an airbnb and need to call for a Taxi, here are some options:

Arubas Transfer Tour & Taxi C.A.
(+297) 5822116 

Taxi Address Service (24h)
(+297) 5875900

Aruba Taxi Company
(+297) 587-1300

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