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Car Rentals

Should I rent a car? The answer is YES!!

First things first, BOOK YOUR CAR RENTAL EARLY!!  They fill up fast.

Skip the national chains and go with a local company!

When using a local company, their offices are typically located off site from the airport, within a 2-3 min drive.


When you exit the airport, you will be looking for a person in bright-colored shirt (they all have their own specific color) holding a company sign.  Otherwise, the car rental places are across the street from the airport.

They will usually either pick you up in a van with some other ppl who are also renting a car from them and take you to their office or they will pick you up in the car you will be renting and take you back to their office. 

They have the car you will be using all ready to go and running and air conditioning blasting for you too!


You will do the paperwork there and they will take a video of the car.  You will need a major credit card to do this, a debit card will not be accepted.  You will also have to put down a deposit for the rental car, usually around $500-1000 depending on the company and type of vehicle.


Then you will be on your way. Usually takes about 10 mins!

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Pro Tip:

I would HIGHLY recommend taking your own video of the car while they are doing their video.  Also take another video if dropping and leaving at airport.


When you return the car, you will either leave it in a certain parking row at the airport or take it back to where you got it. 


If you leave it, I would take another video of the car if dropping and leaving it in the parking lot right across the street from the airport.


If you return to the place where you picked it up, like Wheels2Go, they will drive you back to the airport  in the same car after they make sure the tank is filled and it's in the same condition and you pay your bill!


Pro Tip:

Drop a pin of the rental car location on your maps app. It will be helpful when it comes time to return the car. Locations aren't always spot on in Aruba!

Don’t worry too much about sand in your car.  Be sure to shake things out before you get in and limit it to one area, preferably the trunk, to make it easier for the company to clean when you return it.  We have never had an issue with Wheels2go!

Car Insurance:

We do not get extra car insurance. Our credit cards have international car rental coverage.

BE CAREFUL when opening the car doors, the wind can be really strong and you would hate for it to blow into something!

Pro Tip:

When working with a local company, be sure to ask about a cash discount! If you go this route you should get the extra insurance because you aren't using a card to have as a backup!

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