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Baby Beach

Located on the southern tip of the island, about 40 mins south of the Palm Beach Area.

This is a MUST see in Aruba!​

The water is so clear and calm, great for kids!  You can go out super far and still be waist deep!​

Bring a float for maximum relaxation!​

You need to rent a car to get here or take a Taxi.  If you take a taxi, it's probably going to be around $80-100+ round trip and you cannot be wet going back.  You can rent a car for less for a day.

Pro Tip:

Go early before it gets busy! It’s super peaceful there before 9am!  You can get a Palapa for shade when you go early!


Chair and umbrella rentals available $70+ cash for 2 chairs,1 clam shell for shade, bring cash, USD is accepted!


Free parking lot, easy parking


Bathrooms ($1-2 bring cash/florins)


Pro Tip:

Sea turtles have been spotted closer toRum Reef.  Find the seagrass!

2 restaurants on- site, Big Mama Grill and Rum Reef, both serve food and alcohol. Rum Reef has an infinity pool overlooking baby beach.  Infinity pool area is adults only.

Snorkeling is great here, perfect for kids!  Bring your snorkel gear!  You can snorkel all over baby beach, and there’s also an area to the left (south)that has a rock wall that protects you from the open sea, and we have seen tons of cool and colorful fish, a baby octopus and more!  Bring water shoes if you plan on going to this area! 


If you don't have snorkel gear, no worries!  You can rent some in the shop next to Rum Reef called JADS Dive Center!

Use caution and do not go near the opening to the open sea!

Link to MAP

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