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Pro Tip:

Download a map of Aruba to use offline from!  Google maps and other maps work well here as well, but you will be using your data, so you will need an international phone plan or e-sim to do this!

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Driving in Aruba is JUST
LIKE driving in the US!

Yes!  It's so easy, I promise!

If you can drive in the states, you can drive in Aruba!  You just need a valid US drivers license or international license.

Minimum age to rent a car on the island is 21-23 years old, but this greatly depends, as some companies will only rent a car to those over the age of 25.


Drivers renting a car under the age of 25 should expect an

additional fee for renting as a younger driver.  This fee varies by company.


I have only seen ONE stop sign in Aruba!   Always Yield or Stop if you're unsure of what to do.


You drive on the right side of the road, just like in the US.


The main thing about Aruba that you will need to conquer are Roundabouts!  

Roundabouts have yield signs at each entry point, designed for lower-speed driving with all traffic moving in the same direction, eliminating left turns across traffic and creating fewer stress points that can cause crashes.


Don't worry though, everything is clearly marked with lots of signage on the road itself and big blue signs above so you will know which lane to get into for the direction you want to go.

For Example:

If you are at a 4 way round about with 2 lanes and you want to go:

1st exit(right)=1st lane/right lane

2nd exit (straight)=1st or 2nd lane

3rd exit (left)=2nd lane

U Turn=2nd lane

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