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Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina sits on the northern part of the island, nestled in Malmok, just south of Arashi Beach. 


Divided into three distinct areas, each offers its own charm. The beach area by the curve boasts a rocky entry, while the middle path leads to a beach in front of houses without palapas.  Finally, the southernmost beach area features an easier entry and more palapas for shade.

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Pro Tip:

Bring water shoes if you plan to explore!  Can be rocky in areas!


Awesome spot for snorkeling!!  All the snorkel tours anchor off this beach every single morning and afternoon, so you know it's good!

Fun to watch the snorkeling boats and see people jump off using the rope swings!


Come before 9am for peaceful snorkeling, before the boats get there! 

Pro Tip:

Arrive early, before 9am to score a palapa!


No bathrooms or restaurants here.


Rocky entrance in certain areas, bring water shoes if you plan to explore


Limited palapas and shade


Limited parking, free

Link to MAP

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