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Let's talk about parking in Aruba!  All the parking at the beaches are free! 

Palm Beach Parking

If looking to park around the Palm Beach area for free, here are a few options!


You can park in the dirt on the side of The Radisson Blue, along the white fence

You can park for free in the MooMba Beach parking lot, take the turn by the Radisson Blu and follow the road to the beach.  


You can park AROUND the Paseo Herencia Palm Beach mall, just be sure to enter by the Starbucks

Park in the dirt along the road across from the RIU, headed north to the Hilton.  Following what the other cars are doing so more can fit!


Link to MAP

Link to MAP

Link to MAP

Parking in Eagle Beach

If looking to park around the Eagle Beach area for free, here are a few options!


Park in the new dirt lot just south of the Turtle roundabout leading to Eagle Beach! 


There are also parking spots along the street in Front of Amsterdam Manor you can park at for free as well.  

Link to MAP

Park in the Eagle Beach parking lot across from Chalet Suisse

Link to MAP


Park in 2 large lots by Coco Loco (on the Beach) and across from O Condominiums and just north of the Costa Linda

Link to MAP

Parking in Downtown Oranjestad

Downtown you can park in the lot to the north of Lucy's Retired Surf Bar for a small fee during the day.  I don't pay at night as a few locals told me not to worry about it!:).  Be sure to look at your spot number and remember it when you go and pay at the kiosk.  I put the ticket on the dash.

Link to MAP


You can also park in the lot south of Lucy's Retired Surf Bar, at the Renaissance Marketplace, for a small fee. More parking here.  Be sure to note your space number when you go to pay.  I put the ticket on the dashboard. 


If you enter the parking lot on the south end of Lucy's and go straight & take the drive headed to the water and around the restaurants, it basically makes a giant U around the restaurants and behind it and to the south are 2 more lots that are free.  These are the Renaissance hotel lots, but they are free and you can park there.

Link to MAP

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