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Packing: Clothes

suitcase laying open on a bed with lots of colorful items to be packed for a beach vacatio

Aruba is super casual! Leave your dressy clothes at home!


I personally love that about Aruba. You can roll from the beach to dinner and still be good to go if you want!


Swimsuits, with cover ups, are totally acceptable at the beach bars!

Pro Tip:

Bring less than you think,I promise you wont wear half of it! If you’re going to bring a lot of anything, bring swim suits and coverups!

Women typically wear sundresses, capris or shorts with cute tops and tanks

Maybe a little jacket, sweater or wrap for dinners out if you run cold or sunburn easily

Casual sandals, wedges or even flip flops are cool!

Men typically wear shorts or pants with a short sleeved shirt, collared or not


Flip flops, sandals or tennis shoes. Casual!

No restaurants, that I am aware of, require men to wear


If you’re renting an Airbnb, try to get one with a washer/dryer! Then you can bring even less

There are also laundromats all over the island, so if you have a rental car, which I highly recommend, then you could do a quick load of laundry if needed!


I always travel with my trusty weekly pill containers and leave the original prescription bottles at home.  If you feel safer, you can take a picture of each prescription for reference, but in my experience, I've never been questioned about it!

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Packing: The Essentials

Insulated cups to keep your drinks cold at the beach or pool.  I Love my Skinny 20 OZ Tumbler from Amazon! 

Insulated water bottle to keep that delicious Aruba water cold!   I bought this before I went last rip and it was a GAME CHANGER.  The straw is amazing and I tripled my water intake this last trip!  Owala 32oz Water Bottle

Reusable (thick) straws as they only use paper straws on island

Reef Safe Sunscreen (anything w/o Oxybenzone or Octinoxate)

Cash (USD is fine, don't exchange unless you're coming from Canada, then get US cash, not Florins) and a good travel credit card

Gallon ziplocks and chip clips to keep snacks fresh

Carbon Monoxide Detector.  I travel with this one

Float for pool or beach, I'm OBSESSED with my Water Hammock!

Towel Clips-Aruba is windy!

Snorkel gear so you can beach hop all over the

Island and not have to worry about renting it.  I love this set!

Water shoes for rocky beaches and natural pool I love these & they're unisex!

Beach bag (plus a smaller one for inside for keys, wallet, phone, money, etc). Obsessed with this bag!

Sunglasses (x2) in case you lose a pair in the water or they break, I love these

Good books for the beach!  Or a waterproof, Paperwhite Kindle

Flip Flops

A Happy Attitude😎

Respect for the Island and it's people!

*All links above are affiliate links and I earn a small commission

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