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Mangel Halto

Located about 5mi/8km south of the airport in Pos Chiquito, is Mangel  Halto! 


Perfect sunning and snorkeling spot with calm, shallow waters close to shore.

Mangel offers a sand beach, a wooden sun deck, access through the mangroves to the water and staircases leading down into the water. 


This beach is a must see in Aruba in my opinion!  Get off the beaten path and explore!

Pro Tip:

Grab some beers at the Mangel Halto Bar!  Great local spot with super cold local beer!  They also have delicious Mussles and Pork belly when Sergio's Mom is in the kitchen!   If you're lucky, Sergio's wife may even sneak you some egg rolls to snack on!


Big local spot!

Pro Tip:

Find the hidden swings for some great photo ops!

It's very shallow entering either from the dock or staircases leading into the water and on the mangroves side.  If you enter at the dock or the staircases, you can walk/swim around to the left (follow the mangroves) to the sand beach as it's all still shallow!

New palapas were just built on the beaches on the man grove side!

No umbrella/chair rentals here

Bathrooms at Mangel Halto Bar


Easy, free parking, a few different areas.  You can park on either side of Mangel Halto Bar and along the road in the dirt.

Pro Tip:

Bring your water shoes here!  You'll need them if you enter from the beach or some of the mangrove areas.  Plus, the steps leading down to the water are super slippery at the bottom!

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Current can get strong here, especially if you're further out. Best to stay closer to shore if you are not a strong swimmer!

If you have calm enough water conditions, you can swim outside the reef edge. But, unfortunately this is really not a beginner spot because of the currents, exposure and potentially long swims. In fact, unless there is no wind and waves, and very little current, this is an advanced snorkeling
spot if you plan on going outside the reef where you find the most healthy corals.

You can enter the water for snorkeling Mangel Halto in a few different spots:

1-The dock has a ladder down into the water in the corner of the bay. Best for beginners.  The ladder leads to a sandy bottom in shallow water.  There are also stone steps next to the dock!

2-Beach area- from there you can walk out the shallows along the reef edge straight ahead and to the right.   You will need water shoes for this route.

3-Through the mangroves

4-Down one of the staircases leading to the ocean (bottom steps will be slippery!)

5-doing a one-way drift snorkel. You enter at Puerto Chiquito and exit at either the dock or mangrove area at Mangel Halto.


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