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Random Tips

If you are staying at a hotel or airbnb that does't have beach chairs, cooler, umbrella, baby items, etc, and you want to beach hop, you can rent them from Travel Light Aruba!  Another option is Shoreline Beach Rental!

Both rent by the day or by the week!

English is spoken everywhere, so no worries about not being able to


Everyone is really nice and happy that you are there, experiencing their Island, so in return, treat the Island, and it's people, with respect!


Bring some cash, especially if you're staying at an all-Inclusive or plan on taking a lot of taxis!  Places like Philip's Animal Garden, the Donkey Sanctuary and bathrooms (at some places)require cash


If you need more cash, the ATM's (usually a $10 fee) at all the casinos will disperse US dollars, not florins.  No need to exchange money to Florins, USD is widely accepted!  If you get large bills fro the ATM, I suggest asking the cashier at the casino for smaller bills as $50's and $100's are sometimes not accepted


Use credit cards, preferably a good travel one, not a debit card as they are easier compromised and not much recourse if your card gets hacked or stolen.  Double check if your credit card covers international car rental insurance


Rent a car! Go with a local company!  We love Wheels2Go, Yess, Amigo, Tropic

When getting gas, you usually have to enter and exit in a certain direction.  You also will need to go inside and give the cashier your pump # and Credit card and then go pump and go back inside and pay.

No outlet adapters needed coming from the US


No Visa needed from American, Canadian and EU Citizens and most South Americans for a vacation

Don't ever touch the ropes in the ocean!  Soft corals also regularly begin to grow on the under water ropes.  These can sting and cause a very irritating rash


While Aruba is one of the safest Caribbean islands, you should always pay attention to your surroundings.  To be on the safe side, leave your valuables at home or in the hotel safe.  Especially jewelry.  So many ppl lose their rings or important pieces in the water


That being said, I see people leave their purses, phones, everything all over the place at beaches, restaurants, bars, get up to dance, etc.  We leave everything on the beach when we get in the water, we just try to keep an eye on it.  We have never had any issues!


Download an Aruba map from to use offline and driving around, or you can use google maps too if using data.  Just keep in mind some places will not come up exactly where its located, even with the exact address:)

You can put your cell on Airplane mode, wifi calling and use What's app for free, otherwise you can pay your international fee and phone works perfectly.  You can also purchase a sim card at the Digicel booth leaving the Airport.  Or try Airalo, an e-sim app


There are tons of smaller, mom and pop places to grocery shop besides the 4 major ones I mentioned, all over the island.  What they have will vary, but they may be cheaper in price

Stop at Duty Free at the airport for cheaper Alcohol!  You can buy more than 1L and pay the tax on it

Pro Tip: 

If you're worried about valuables at the beach, be sure to purchase a lockable bag that you can connect to your chair or palapa!  I like this one!

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