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Weather in Aruba &
the Hurricane Belt


Let me share a little secret with you about Aruba—its weather is nothing short of spectacular, year-round!  Forget about hurricane season worries because Aruba sits comfortably south of the Hurricane Belt.


Picture this: temperatures averaging between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit, accompanied by a delightful breeze that's an absolute necessity in Aruba's sunny paradise.  Trust me, you'll crave that breeze—it's a lifesaver on those scorching days! 


In September and October, the Caribbean storm systems can sometimes diminish the refreshing breeze in Aruba, making those days less enjoyable.  Normally, the trade winds in Aruba range from 5 to 23 mph, with occasional gusts reaching higher speeds.  However, these winds play a crucial role in keeping the intense heat at bay, contributing to a more comfortable climate overall.


Now, let's talk about humidity—it varies, but generally, the earlier months of the year, from January to March, tend to be a bit less humid.

But here's the kicker: Aruba boasts an average rainfall of just about 20 inches annually, making any time the perfect time to visit.


Even during the so-called "rainy season" from October to December, don't let a few showers dampen your spirits.  These are typically short-lived, with some lasting as little as 5 minutes, followed by glorious sunshine.  In fact, during heavier rains, we've found sanctuary under a cozy palapa or palm tree, ensuring our beach time remains uninterrupted.


I've personally spent over four months in Aruba during the so-called rainy season, and let me assure you, those sporadic showers never put a damper on our adventures.  Whether it's overnight drizzles, morning mists, or mid-day sprinkles, they're all part of the refreshing charm of Aruba's weather.


So, pack your bags and head to Aruba any time of the year—trust me, you won't regret it!

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