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Snorkel Spots


Arashi Beach

Furthest beach north, just south of the CA Lighthouse

This is a large beach with lots of room to snorkel.

Careful of the current as you go further out and to the north. Bring water shoes here, can be rocky at times!

Can get about 15+ feet deep the further out you go

Boca Catalina

This beach is located just south of Arashi about 2 blocks.

All the snorkel boats anchor off here every morning, starting around 10am! 


Come before that for less people and more fish!

Bring water shoes here, can be rocky at certain entrance points!

Can get about 15+ feet deep the further out you go

Tres Trapi/Malmok

These beaches are located just south of Boca Catalina in Malmok.

Go early, before the crowds get there.

These beaches are PERFECT for snorkeling.

Bring water shoes here, 5 stone steps to enter that get slippery!

Can get about 15+ feet deep the further out you go

Pro Tip:

The best chance of seeing Sea Turtles is earlier in the morning! Swim out by the sea grass, about 100 yards out!


Mangel Halto

Located in the Pos Chiquito area further south on the Island on your way

to San Nicolas and Baby Beach.

This beach is popular with locals and snorkelers.

It is surrounded by mangroves, a dock & staircases

into the water.

Swim toward the breaker and you will find a reef with a

diversity of fish!

Super shallow entering from beach side, gets to about waste deep coming from dock/mangroves, gets deep quick further out by the reef.

Pro Tip:

Current can get strong here, especially if you're further out. Best

to stay closer to shore if you are not a strong swimmer.

Baby Beach

Located on the southern tip of the Island in San Nicolas.


This glorious beach is protected by a man-made breakwater.

Water is clear, calm and shallow to waist deep.

Great for kids.

Off to the left is another area protected

by rocks you can snorkel in!  Gets about 4-8 feet deep depending on ocean.

Look for the sea grass closer to Rum Reef and you may see Sea Turtles!

Stay away from the opening into the open sea at Baby Beach as currents can be

very strong and water gets very deep!  People have died here, so please take this warning seriously!

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