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Tres Trapi/Malmok Beaches

Tres Trapi and Malmok Beaches are located in the northern part of the Island, In Malmok, just south of Boca Catalina Beach

Look for the lot south of the big white house currently under construction (ocean side of road) to park at Tres Trapi!  Malmok is the next lot south

Can get busy here as tours stop here along their route


Pro Tip:

Swimming out about 100 yards by the sea grass is your best chance to see Sea Turtles! 

There are 5 steps carved into the rock to get in and out!  Super Cool!

Ideal for snorkeling!

Best before 10am when there's less people there

Rocky terrain leading to the water and 5 stone steps leading into the water that are very slippery, so bring those water shoes! 

Can jump off around here, water is deeper!

Double check this before you jump!

Rocky terrain, not really a beach to hang at all day with Limited shade​

No bathrooms, chair rentals, food or drink here

Easy, free parking

Reminder of what NOT to do if you see a Sea Turtle!

DO NOT Chase | DO NOT Touch | DO NOT get super close and scare them away

DO Admire from a reasonable distance!

Pro Tip:

Malmok, just south of Tres Trapi, is also a great spot to park to use the walking path along the ocean, located just south of here!

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