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Bus System

Must Know:

There are NO Ubers or Lyfts in Aruba!

Lots of Taxis at Airport and hotels plus 2 great bus systems

Pro Tip:

Don't try to attempt to take the bus from the airport to your hotel. You would have to walk about 1/4 mile and cross a major road and luggage is NOT allowed on the Arubus!


Arubus, the big yellow bus, runs typically every 25 minutes or so.  


 Best to have cash. It's $2.60 and they will make change for you. 


When looking online ahead of your trip it may seem a bit confusing, but will make sense once you get there and see the stops!

The second bus option in Aruba is the "Alternative Minibus".

These are 10-12 person vans. either silver or white, with a large BUS sign on the front.

The Cost is $2.60 and its best to have cash, they make change, If you are waiting at a stop and see a white/silver bus, just wave and they will pull over to pick you up!

The route is the same as the yellow Arubus... with an additional perk of pick up and drp off at any point IF YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON ON THE BUS!

This is regulated by the Aruban government and provides a livelihood to drivers without taking away business from the Arubus!

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