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Donkey Sanctuary-a must visit!

Visiting the Donkey Sanctuary in Santa Cruz, Aruba, is a must if you're an animal lover and enjoy exploring!

While having a rental car is convenient, a taxi can also take you there. Once you arrive, make sure to close the red gates securely behind you as you walk through.

Inside, you'll find friendly donkeys roaming freely, some of which may even guide you to the visitor center, anticipating treats!

Remember not to feed the donkeys until you're behind the fence at the visitor center to ensure their safety. You can bring your own carrots and apples or purchase a bag of donkey food for a small donation. Cash donations are greatly appreciated, and donors can even enjoy cuddle time with a donkey!

Keep an eye out for the three-legged donkey—they're all gentle and sweet. Don't worry about feeding them; they're not slobbery and don't use their teeth. There's a handwashing station available before you leave.

You might also spot some peacocks during your visit!

This experience is highly recommended, especially for families. Kids can even assist with feeding and caring for the donkeys if you arrive early enough. But even without kids, it's a delightful way to spend an hour in Aruba!

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