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Dreaming Of Aruba?
Book A Trip With Me!

Welcome to your ultimate guide to Aruba!  If you're gearing up for a trip to this paradise island, you've landed on the perfect website.


Here, you'll find everything you need to know about Aruba's stunning beaches, complete with a free downloadable guide to enhance your beach-going experience.


From navigating the airport and understanding travel requirements to uncovering the best activities, dining spots, and accommodations, consider this your go-to resource for all things Aruba.


Plus, dive into my personal experiences and insights through a fun-filled blog.  I can't wait to share my passion for Aruba with you!


From Arashi to Baby beach, be prepared on what to expect at each beach!  From food & drinks to parking, I've got you covered!

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Arrivals, Departures, VIP Service, Customs, Global entry , Duty Free and Mobile Passport Control app

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Feel prepared for your trip!  Passport, ED card and Travel Insurance

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From packing your suitcase with the perfect selection of clothes and shoes to ensuring you have all the essentials to melt your troubles away in Aruba, here's your ultimate packing guide!

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Come Eat & Drink your way through Aruba with me!  From Palm beach to San Nicolas, I've got you covered!

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Weather in Aruba, The Hurricane belt & Rainy season

Looking to move to Aruba?
Your one stop destination to living in paradise?

About Me

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meBabyBeachin water.jpeg

Hey there! I'm Alanna O'Connor, and my journey with Aruba began unexpectedly, thanks to a chance encounter with a fellow traveler named Steven during a spontaneous trip to Mexico with my boyfriend.


Steven, a New Yorker with an impressive 17 trips to Aruba under his belt, regaled us with tales of the island's unparalleled beauty, safety, and warm hospitality.  His enthusiasm was contagious, and his suggestion to venture out and explore Aruba on our own by renting an Airbnb and a car struck a chord with us.


Inspired by Steven's glowing recommendations, we wasted no time in planning our first trip to Aruba in July 2022—and it was nothing short of magical.  From the moment we stepped foot on the island, we were captivated by its pristine beaches, charming locals, and mouthwatering cuisine.


Since that fateful trip, Aruba has become our home away from home. Renting an Airbnb and a car has become our preferred way of experiencing the island, giving us the freedom to cook, relax, and explore at our own pace.  Sure, doing laundry and grocery shopping might require a bit more effort, but the savings allow us to visit Aruba more frequently—and that's a trade-off we're more than happy to make.


But what truly sets Aruba apart is its people.  From our gracious Airbnb hosts to the friendly faces we encounter at local spots, the sense of community and warmth is palpable wherever we go.  Aruba has a way of welcoming you with open arms and making you feel right at home.


For me, Aruba isn't just a destination—it's a sanctuary for the soul.  It's where I find peace, joy, and a sense of belonging.  It's where every visit feels like a homecoming, and every goodbye is bittersweet.  Aruba truly lives up to its moniker as "One Happy Island."


So here's to sharing the love for Aruba and giving this incredible island the attention it deserves.  Join me on this journey as we celebrate the beauty, the culture, and the magic of Aruba together.  After all, there's no place quite like it.


Welcome to my happy place. Welcome to Aruba. 🌴☀️🌊

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