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Snorkeling at Baby Beach

If you love snorkeling, you must check out this fantastic spot at Baby Beach. However, always pay attention to the weather and ocean conditions before diving in.

At Baby Beach, never venture near the opening to the open sea—the current is extremely strong, the water is deep, and it can be very dangerous. Tragically, people have lost their lives here, so it's crucial to use caution and common sense.

This is the opening to the open sea you need to stay away from!!

Head towards the southern tip, on the left side of Baby Beach near Big Mama's, where you'll find a protected area by rocks leading to the open sea.

As long as the wind is calm and the weather is good, the snorkeling here is fantastic!

The depth ranges from around 4 to 8 feet, so I recommend wearing water shoes due to the rocky terrain. We've seen an incredible variety of fish and even a small octopus in this spot!

Click HERE for a video of the snorkeling area

Click HERE for a video of how to get there

When you enter by the rope, you can either go under it (try not to touch it as your skin may become irritated) or enter on the other side of the rope if you have water shoes.

Go around the curve to the left and swim south, against the current. On your way back, pay close attention to your surroundings and know where to turn back into Baby Beach, avoiding the open sea. This is imperative for your safety!

This is a view of the snorkeling area facing north, so you will take a right to go back into baby beach.

You will be going WITH the current in this direction and it can go fast, so pay attention to your surroundings!

I highly recommend bringing your own snorkel gear with you to Aruba and keeping it in your rental car so you can easily snorkel anywhere on the island!

If you need to rent snorkel gear at Baby beach, you can do so on the other side of Baby beach, by Rum Reef, from JADS.

This is a arial view of the snorkel spot looking south. You can go pretty far down! Notice where you want to go back into baby beach!

You can also rent chairs and shade here at Baby beach if you don't have your own! I highly recommend getting here early to get a free palapa, otherwise, 2 lounge chairs and a Clamshell (shade) runs around $70 cash.

You also may able to see Sea Turltes here if you find the sea grass closer to Rum Reef on the other side of Baby beach (as shown in this picture)! Remember to admire from a distance and never touch or chase the turtles!

Rum Reef and Big Mama's grill are on site here for food and beverages.

Public bathrooms are located behind Big Mama's and cost $1-2 cash or Florins.

Rum Reef has an infinity pool, 18+ by the pool area.

Bring a float for maximum relaxation!

Easy, free parking on site!

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Jun 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for all these helpful tips!

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